GVU afflicted.

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    Hello liebe Helpers. My old (2003) computer was hit by the GVU 2.07 last Sunday. I have a newer Pc which I am now using, but I use the old one as a store for documents, photos etc. I experienced the former Bundespolizei Trojan last November but with the help of a friend and the anti-bot cd 2.0 from Computerbild I was able to get rid of it. I wanted to download the 3.0 version from Botfrei but saw that my XP computer would need 1gb of RAM space. It only has 256/512 mb (Acer Aspire 1690). Does this mean GVU has won this particular battle? I am a technical know-little.

    Thank you for any help you can give. Spurs.



    Hi and welcome @ the botfrei.de Support forum,

    Have you tried the Kaspersky Rescue CD incl. WindowsUnlocker?

    Unfortunatelly, we only have a german step-by-step advisory on our blog, but I think the ScreenShots will guide you through the procedure.

    Additionally, I have some questions:

    1: Are you able to switch over to the “safe mode”? To do so, please restart your computer, then continually tapping F8 until a menu appears. Afterwards, please use the up arrow key to highlight Safe Mode, then hit enter. Please report back if it works …

    2: Do you have an USB-stick, and does it work on your notebook?


    Hello TK/ABBZ and thank you for your welcome.

    I did answer your questions yesterday (14/07) but when I came back to this page later my writing had disappeared.
    Today (16/07) I have looked at your instructions to the latest victim and I know I am thoroughly out of my depth.
    I am a generation too far for the technical bits and rather than look a complete fool I think it would be better if I
    tried to persuade a German Bekannter to pay me a visit and talk things through with you. I haven´t been back in Germany
    long after 20 years in Spain and the only neighbours I have are also old (but nice people). I hope this is okay with you. Many thanks. Spurs.



    Hello Spurs,

    perhaps you missed to send your answer via the button “Antworten”, but anyway, perhaps you can answer the questions from TK?
    Did you tried to came in safe mode?

    And yes, it is okay to ask your friend to deal with us your problem 🙂

    [°¿°] Ciao, Petra
    Forenregeln | Kein Support per PN oder Mail! | Daten sichern! | Initiative-S


    Hello Petra and thank you for answering. Yes I did neglect to press Antworten because I thought that was for my talking partner to reply to me.
    However I made up for it earlier tonight. My reply to TK was:

    No I have not tried the Kaspersky CD because I thought it would have the same 1Gb limit.

    Yes I can switch to the Safe Mode (and did, using your instructions).

    Yes I have a USB stick and the affected laptop has a 2.0 port and my newer, Samsung, laptop also has a couple of ports.
    I know it must work because a friend used one to download something for the old Pc.

    You cannot imagine how furious I am with myself for not being able to do what all the other victims appear to find so easy.

    Thanks again and I´ll look in again later today. Good Night.



    Hello Spurs,

    good to know that Safe Mode works 🙂

    Download and run OTL

    Download OTL by Old Timer and save it to the USB stick.
    Copy then OTL.exe from USB stick to your Desktop (in Safe Mode).

      [*]Double click on OTL.exe to run it.
      [*]Under Output, ensure that Minimal Output is selected.
      [*]Under Extra Registry section, select Use SafeList.
      [*]Click the Scan All Users checkbox.
      [*]Click on Run Scan at the top left hand corner.
      [*]When done, two Notepad files will open.

      [*]OTL.txt <– Will be opened
      [*]Extra.txt <– Will be minimized
      [*]Please copy this two files first to the USB stick and then post the contents of these 2 Notepad files in your next reply.[/list]

      [°¿°] Ciao, Petra
      Forenregeln | Kein Support per PN oder Mail! | Daten sichern! | Initiative-S


      Hello Petra and Colleagues. Please do not think I am not heeding your instructions. I will be back knocking on your
      door again in a day or two. I can find problems where none exist for other people.

      I am very grateful for your help and, like Macarthur, I shall return.

      Adios for now.




      Hello Spurs,

      okay and thank you for your feedback – I’ll wait 🙂

      [°¿°] Ciao, Petra
      Forenregeln | Kein Support per PN oder Mail! | Daten sichern! | Initiative-S



      It appears that this issue is resolved, therefore I am closing the topic. If that is not the case and you need or wish to continue with this topic, please send me or any Moderator a Personal Message (PM) that you would like this topic re-opened.

      [°¿°] Ciao, Petra
      Forenregeln | Kein Support per PN oder Mail! | Daten sichern! | Initiative-S

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